Victory is Mine!

I finally got the paperwork done that I need to get an apointment with my therapist.  Which is good because I just ran out of prozac.  Yeah this is not good.  Anyway, atleast I don't have school this next week and a half, and I'm going to see my grandmother over Labor Day, which should help get me out of this darn rut.


At 12:56 AM EDT, Anonymous Amy said...

Hey Timothy- hope you have a fun time! I just got back from my Grandparents- so i know what its like to have a change of perspective. Hopefully that'll do the trick for you!
Wishing you the best and praying that you get out of the rut! Been there before, and i know its not fun.
Try to enjoy life my friend- its a choice *although it can be a struggle to choose at times* But you only have so much of it. *shrugs* Just thought i'd pop in!
Take care of yourself :-)


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