Musical Preferences

For those that know me this is old-hat.


Over the year mu musical tastes have changed.  When I was young I only liked Classical/Baroque music - most notably Bach, Handel, and Beethoven and later filling out with the addition of Haydn, Straus, and Tchaikovsky.

There my musical tastes stagnated for the next 6 or so years, until at the age of 14 I was introduced to a neo-classical/world group called 'Bond'.  I was hooked right away (this is Circa 2000 - and the release of their CD 'Born').

Not long after that I started working in the High School Theatre department - and started listening to showtunes.  In 2003 when my school put on Les Miserables I became addicted.  While I was only the Assistant Stage Manager/Chief Curtain I loved the show, and have since bought both the Broadway and London cast recordings.

The most recent addition to my listening repitoire has been Neil Diamond, which I picked up from my mom.


That my friends is my musical history, any questions?


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