Well as I've posted before, I have Major Depression, and while I am being medicated for it sometimes it flares up.  For example today a friend of mine from London who seemed to foreget the past 12 months of my life mentioned a person's name. I had managed to forget all about her for atleast the past 7 months.  Nice going Shaun - you just runined my whole week.


At 7:27 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know someone who's father committed suicide by hanging himself.

A mutual friend was having a birthday part and invited us both along.

The girl got really angry and fell out with her, and badmouthed her to a lot of people for being selfish and inconsiderate.

The reason? The bar she invited us to was called 'The Gallows'!

Now I don't think our friend was being inconsiderate, it's just that it simply didn't occur to her that the name of the bar might conjure up an unwanted image in this girl's mind.
It wouldn't have occurred to me either.

To expect your friend to constantly scan his/her conversations with you for content that may offend you is selfish and impractical.

People mention other people in normal conversation, perhaps without thinking too much about it before they open their mouths.

Perhaps your friend now thinks that he/she has to walk on eggshells to avoid offending or upsetting you, because you have now used guilt as a weapon.

Think about this, did hearing this person's name really upset you that much, or did you merely see it as an opportunity to get attention and sympathy?

Deliberately making your friend feel bad to get attention is not healthy, and does not make you desirable as a friend.

If I were you, I'd apologise to your friend, and explain that you realise that they didn't do it on purpose to upset you, but you'd appreciate it if they tried not to talk about the girl any more when you're around.

Also, I note that you capitalized the first letters of Major Depression.
It's not something to be proud of, and the only attention you'll get from others from telling them about it is the wrong kind of attention.

Maybe that's why she left you in the first place.


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